Several Dozen Hundred (EP)

by Emperor Plum

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Mixed by Sean Kelly at Prism Break
Mastered by Colin Miller at Subfi


released July 12, 2019

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar- Kenza S.
Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals- Lillian Hunter
Bass Guitar- Alex Lee
Drums and Backing Vocals- Niko Rao


all rights reserved



Emperor Plum Washington, D.C.

Large, round-oblong fruit. Dark red skin with numerous small yellow dots. Firm, golden yellow flesh with clinging stone. Sweet with good flavor. Quite a vigorous tree with very large leaves. Blossoms before leaves are open. Good yields.

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Track Name: Licorice
I’m the one who should be
Your blanket when
You can’t sleep
But i’m so scared of everything

Jealous you can hide that feeling
We both have but don’t speak of
It vibrates from the floor above

It’s in the scent of licorice
It’s bleeding from a broken dish
While I hide outside and wish
That my whole life were just a glitch
You close your eyes and you sleep

Sleep another day
Maybe it will go away

Sleep another year
Don’t need to waste
Your time with tears

All the shouting’s
Just white noise
All the shaking’s
Just a voice

Shut your mind
And keep your poise
What’s the point in crying?
Track Name: To Be My Shadow
In my dreams I’m all I dreamed I could be
When they end I realize it’s not me

Just some shadow with my shape and voice
Someone who’s never made the noise

People make when they have never been
That burning feeling in someone’s chest

Want to be the face someone will miss
When their eyes go dim and their memory

Oh, to be my shadow
To feel what I fear I’ll never know
Oh, watch that burning feeling grow
How lovely it is to live in the shade

In my dreams you’re all I dreamed you would be
The harmony to my melody

Where I am the parts glowing inside
The parts that make you feel so alive

Like mine, your shadow’s not much like you
Its crimson blood is made out of love

It’s not afraid of what could be
It moves its lips the way that I dreamed

Oh, to be our shadows
To feel what we know we’ll never know
Oh, watch that burning feeling grow
We’re only meant to be in the shade
Track Name: Several Dozen Hundred
One dozen days of you
Oh, somehow I always knew
One mid-week evening
I’d memorize the way you sing
The way that your lips
Softly curl when you speak
Of “The Purple Bottle”
I hope you’ll find inside of me

Would it be okay
If i sang your name?
The letters still look strange
Several dozen days
That might start to change
Several dozen days
You’d stay, you’d stay

I know it’ll be a while
Several dozen hundred miles
I hope you won’t forget
The lines between my chin and chest
The way that my lips are
Learning what yours like to do
When we’re in The Bottle
For several dozen hundred days

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